What we do:

Consult with you regarding your web-site, email newsletter and social media needs.

Manage your direct e-mail newsletter and e-mail campaigns.

Design your campaign mailings and send them while you focus on growing your business.

Help you reach out and stay in contact with your customers.

Collaborate with you to create an annual sending calendar based on your business cycle, holidays and special events.

Partner with you to achieve your email newsletter and marketing goals.

Convert your paper newsletter to email if you have the need.

Work with you and determine your social media goals and profile

Post on your behalf

Report social media results to you

Want us to post to Facebook or Tweet for you?  We'll be happy to take that over.

We'll collaborate to determine the presence you want to achieve.  We'll recommend the types of postings and tweets we do.  If you have photos and information help get your message out, of course we'll use them all!

We can even set up contests on Facebook or opportunities for your followers to engage with you and your company.

Some of your customers will prefer e-mail and others will prefer social media.  Some want both.  Easy to do with our management tools.

YOU DON'T HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE OR TWITTER ACCOUNT?  It's just fine, we can set one up for you.